2001 Press Pass Racing

It's NASCAR season again and Press Pass is first to get to market with their 2001 Press Pass Racing set.  I can't remember seeing a racing product fly out of the stores like this one (and that was even before the recent Dale Earnhardt tragedy).  It's not that this is a special set, just that racing fans don't get that many sets every year compared to collectors of other sports so when that first one hits the shelves it won't stay in stock long.

2001 Press Pass Dale Earnhardt Autograph Card
His untimely death in the Daytona 500 has made this
a very valuable autograph card, probably one of the
last Dale Earnhardt autographs in new products.

Press Pass has done their usual great job with good driver and team selection including some young Busch Series stars along with all of the NASCAR drivers in their new colors and cars.  The inserts are also good with autographs leading the way at almost one per box plus some hot memorabilia cards.  Back again is the Cup Chase redemption inserts that can win you sets of cards if your driver wins one of the big races, or a cool memorabilia card if they win the Winston Cup.  Packs are selling well for just under $3 in my area and boxes are going quick at $75 for 28 packs.

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