2000-01 Upper Deck Vintage Hockey

Someone on the forum posted how it was ironic that Upper Deck is leading the charge back to the "old school" of non-glossy cardboard cards and simple card designs, since they were the company to first bring us "high-end" cards and inserts.  In fact it's probably Fleer with their Tradition line that has turned the hobby on to this idea over the past couple years, but Upper Deck is never slow to pick up on a good idea.  Vintage Hockey is the first of a few Vintage products due out soon as baseball will follow this week.

2000-01 UD Vintage Mario Lemieux / Jaromir Jagr dual Game Jersey card
Upper Deck is right on target with a Mario Lemieux and
Jaromir Jagr Piece of History Game Jersey in Vintage Hockey.

It's easy to compare Vintage to Fleer Tradition (even with Fleer not making any hockey products) because you get that same good feeling when you open a pack (which feels like paper instead of foil or plastic) and that old cardboard smell comes out.  For those of you who are too young to remember card collecting before the 90's, it used to be fun to smell the cardboard (and even the gum) when you opened a pack of cards.  The set overall is nice with some simple inserts and cool memorabilia cards.  In addition to the timely Mario Lemiex / Jaromir Jagr dual jersey you can also find jersey cards of some NY Islander greats as well as Original Six Vintage Jersey cards where Upper Deck dressed up some of today's stars in yesterday's sweaters and cut them up.  Packs are selling for $2.49 or so and that makes for a nice change from the $25 and $50 pack prices we saw from UD over the past couple weeks.

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