2000-01 Topps Heritage Hockey

If it works for the other sports then I guess why not try hockey?  Topps brings back the great design of their 54-55 set and adds in some modern stars to make a great looking new set, Topps Heritage,  complete with a stick of gum in each pack.  While this set might never have the excitement that Heritage Baseball brought us earlier in the year, it should do great with hockey collectors, especially the ones that remember the great sets of years gone by.

2000-01 Topps Heritage Gordie Howe Arena Relics card
Topps Heritage has brought back the 54-55 Topps
design and added modern players, autographs,
and game-used memorabilia cards.

What makes Heritage a hit is Topps ability to combine the old with the new.  Using the old cardboard stock and artwork that looks like it's right from the 50's they've taken today's stars and rookies and shown us what they would have looked like if they had made their debut more than forty years ago.  Rookies (including Havlat, Gaborik, and DiPietro) are numbered to just 1955 copies and a Chrome parallel of 555 sets sum up the numbered cards, but as with most modern sets it's the autographs and memorabilia cards that will keep collectors hunting.  Topps has even taken some seats from the old arenas (Boston Garden, Joe Louis Arena, etc) and chipped them into an insert called Arena Relics.  At around $4 per pack and $80 per box Heritage is selling well in my area so you might want to grab some just in case it takes off like the baseball did.

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