2001 Topps XFL Football

Topps really cut it close with this product.  Considering the incredibly low television ratings that the XFL is getting every week, they took a chance that the league might have closed up before the cards ever hit the streets.  But, the chance seems to be paying off as the new Topps XFL cards are flying off of the shelves.  It seems odd that no one wants to watch the actual games, but collectors are still willing to grab up the cards.  My guess is that this is partially due to a great price and also because collectors and investors are always looking for an oddball set to jump on just in case any of these guys go on to a successful NFL career.

Topps XFL John Avery Gridiron Gear Jersey Card
John Avery is one of a number of XFL stars with NFL
experience and a slew of other cards from past years!

The cards themselves are not bad, but very basic with no foil or other style tricks that would push up the price.  Boxes of 24 packs sell well in my area for around $45 making it attractive for the younger collector without a big budget.  One word of warning to the parents of these young collectors is that the fifteen card cheerleader subset is a bit risqué.  Various NFL cheerleader cards have been produced over the years, but these are typical of a league run by the WWF.  And, speaking of wrestling, Topps is marketing the XFL set on the Entertainment portion of their website, not the sports section.  I don't know if this means anything, but if I was an XFL player I'd probably prefer to be in the sports section.  The inserts are decent with Gridiron Gear cards featuring pieces of jerseys and footballs as well as autograph cards available in nearly every box.  I'll admit that I'm not an XFL fan, but for the price it was fun to break open a box or two.

More details can be found on the Topps website.  

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