2001 Pacific Football

530 cards!  It just doesn't seem possible that one of the manufacturers would put out a football card set with 530 players, but Pacific has done it.  And, they managed to be the first one out for the 2001 season.  If you are looking for some of the players who are usually left out of sets then this one is for you.  On the other hand, if you're just looking for investment level rookie cards, autographs, and memorabilia cards then you might want to wait for some later releases.

2001 Pacific LaDainian Tomlinson Autographed Rookie Card
Pacific gets the jump with ten autographed rookie
cards including #5 pick LaDainian Tomlinson!

Pacific seems to be having a weird year.  First they lose their baseball license, but only after producing a ground breaking Private Stock memorabilia product.  They follow that up with a good year full of hockey cards only to turn collectors off with outrageous redemption card shipping and handling fees on Titanium Hockey.  Now they beat everyone else to the shelves for the NFL season with a set containing 80 numbered rookies, ten of which are autographed, and another 15 frustrating redemption cards.  Recently, Mike Monson, Pacific's main Public Relations man gave a nonsense answer to Al Muir in Beckett Hockey explaining the $4.95 shipping/handling charges on their jersey card redemptions.  I can't wait to hear Mike's excuse for why collectors are expected to pay $4.95 extra so Pacific can send us our missing 15 rookie cards to complete our 2001 Pacific Football sets.  Not only that, but Pacific has raised the pack price of this year's product to $3 which bumps boxes up to $90.  Factor this in with the rookie cards showing up around six per box and this set should cost you about $1300 to put together.  If it's obscure players you're looking for then buy a few packs or shop the auctions for your singles, but otherwise you might want to avoid this one.  Let's hope that Pacific finds a way to come back to reality this year before they lose all of their fans.

More details can be found on the Pacific website.  

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