2001 Fleer Genuine Football

Jersey cards!  Jersey cards!  If you like jersey cards then Fleer Genuine is the product you need to be opening.  With an average of three per box (one per 8 packs) you can't beat these odds.  The question becomes when is it too much.  I love jersey cards, but when they get easier to find they also hold much lower value.  Fortunately, Fleer made some good decisions with Genuine Football that will make you want to buy some.

2001 Fleer Genuine Johnny Unitas Names of the Game Jersey Card
Fleer Genuine is full of memorabilia cards, but the
real chase will be on for the Names of the Game jersey cards!

The difference with Genuine Football is that Fleer has made the rookie cards in the form of jersey cards (not game worn of course since it's still too early for that).  Each of the thirty rookies are limited to just 1000 serial numbered cards with swatches from the rookie photo shoot.  In addition to the rookie jerseys there are a couple of base level jersey insert sets (at odds close to one per box) and the beautiful Names of the Game jersey inserts which are limited to 100 hand numbered and include some Hall of Famers.  I opened a couple boxes of Genuine where I came up short of the three jersey cards per box, but Fleer was quick to respond and take care of my problem.  Overall I've now opened five boxes of Genuine and ended up with 16 jersey cards (the other three boxes all had at least four jersey cards)!  

More details can be found on the Fleer website.  

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