2000 Upper Deck SPx Football

Just a couple weeks ago we were looking at Black Diamond Football and wondering just how much further could the specialized rookie card ideas go.  Well... this week we might have our answer.  In what is starting to appear like a competition between the manufacturers, Upper Deck has once again jumped on top with 2000 SPx Football by making many of the rookie cards serial numbered, autographed, game jersey cards!

2000 UD SPx Ron Dayne Rookie Jersey card
Game Jersey swatch, autograph, serial number...
what else can they possibly do to a rookie card?

When SPx came out last year with serial numbered, autographed rookie cards I was a big fan of them immediately.  The question of whether an autographed card could be a rookie card was answered as Upper Deck managed to get a good enough number of rookies to join in the program to make it a legitimate subset of true rookie cards.  This year they've gone one up by adding swatches of game jersey to the cards, but otherwise keeping the program the same (most are numbered to 2000, but 3 single prints are numbered to 500).  In the long run SPx will be a great product.  The cards are classy looking (even the commons), the inserts are decent (including cool Winning Materials cards which pair up a piece of jersey with a piece of game used football), and the rookie cards are sure to hold value.  I would be remiss if I didn't mention one glaring problem, redemptions.  Last week I was forced to give a slightly negative review to Donruss for making nearly all autographs redemptions and now Upper Deck has made the same mistake.  As far as I can tell the idea to include autographed game jersey rookies was arrived at quite late (even Beckett didn't mention it), and they couldn't get most of them in packs so the product is loaded with those nasty mail in cards.  Of course the major difference between SPx and Donruss is that these redemptions are for rookie cards and are much more worth our time and postage.  SPx is not cheap at $6-7 per pack in most stores, but the chance to own a beautiful rookie card like the one above makes it worth it.

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