2000 Pacific Revolution Football

The "one graded card per pack" products are still coming and we can only hope that collectors stop buying them so the manufacturers will stop making them.  It's becoming difficult to review each of these products because of my belief that pack prices of over $10 are hurting our hobby and making it impossible for young sportscard collectors to build their collections.

2000 Pacific Revolution Jamal Lewis rookie card
Pacific made only 300 of each Revolution rookie card
and finding them with a good grade might be tough.

This past week Pacific managed to release two products with super high pack prices.   Private Stock Baseball came out at $15 per pack, but each pack had a game jersey or game bat card so you could almost justify the price.  2000 Revolution Football is a different story altogether.  With an outrageous pack price of $30 for just three cards, this could be the worst idea Pacific has ever tried.  Of course one of the three cards is graded by Beckett Grading, but can you really justify $30 for a BGS 8 of some minor star?  The problem with grading Revolution cards is that they have so much foil on the edges and corners that getting a good grade is tough.  The other problem is value.  It looked like I hit the jackpot when I pulled a BGS 9 Jamal Lewis rookie card in just my third pack (numbered to only 300).  Sadly, I see that they are only selling for around $80 on Ebay.  The simple fact is that collectors and investors are not looking to spend big bucks on graded card products.  If you are a collector of a single player or team then I'd definitely suggest looking for singles on the secondary market at bargain prices over wasting $30 on a pack.  

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