2000 Leaf Rookies & Stars Football

Playoff has once again done a nice job with one of the brands that they took over when Pinnacle/Donruss went out of business.  Leaf Rookies & Stars is quite a set with 300 cards split into stars (100), rookies (160), and NFL Europe Prospects (40).  The rookies are limited to just 1000 of each player while the NFL Europe Prospects have a print run of 3000.  If you're looking for an obscure rookie, especially guys who didn't make the final NFL cut and have no other rookie cards then R&S is the place to start.

2000 Leaf Rookies & Stars Draft 2001 First Quarterback Redemption Card
While no one likes getting a redemption card,
this one could be for the very first Michael Vick rookie!

The downside of 200 rookie cards is that the 2000 NFL season only brought us a handful of rookie stars so chances are that you'll have to wait awhile to see if any of the others pan out.  As a bonus Playoff got the NFL Europe prospects as well as 30 of the NFL rookies to sign their first 200 numbered cards.  As usual there are also a good selection of memorabilia cards, autographed inserts, and numbered inserts and parallels.  Unfortunately there are also way too many redemption cards for most collectors liking.  One exception is the Draft Class 2001 redemption cards.  These 20 cards can be turned in after the 2001 NFL Draft for the very first rookie cards of the top picks.  In fact they will be numbered starting with 301 at the end of the current 300 card set.  Local shops are selling packs for $4 and 24 pack boxes in the $80-$90 range so this one is still affordable.

More details can be found on the Donruss website.  

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