2000 Pacific Private Stock Football

With each new product trying to get the attention of collectors and dealers alike, Pacific has gone in an odd direction with its new Private Stock Football.  Although the cards are actually quite nice looking, the real search is on for the super limited rookie cards.  Only 278 of each rookie card was produced and eventually collectors are going to realize that opening a Private Stock pack could be as much fun as opening SP Authentic.

2000 Pacific Private Stock Peter Warrick rookie card
Does it get any tougher then Private Stock rookie
cards?  Just 278 of each player were produced.

When Pacific announced Private Stock many dealers stayed away from the product because of a $6 pack price, but those who ordered might have come up lucky.  Based on the orders Pacific made this one of their most short printed sets ever and lowered the rookie card serial numbering to 278.  Some of their other products this year have also featured low numbered rookies, but what sets Private Stock apart from most Pacific releases is the quality of the cards.  Each card is on heavy white stock and the design is intended to look like a fine art print.  The prices I've seen on these rookie cards are still extremely low compared to the more respected Upper Deck brands (SP Authentic or SPx), but I have a feeling that they will catch up.  How can supply not be overwhelmed by demand?  The rest of the set is not bad either as each box has two autographed cards in addition to one rookie.  Also, there are the usual assortment of numbered parallels as with most Pacific series.  If there is a downside it is still the price.  $6 just sounds like too much money for a Pacific pack.  If you are a collector of a single rookie then I would suggest finding their Private Stock soon before the singles prices start to rise.  

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