2000 Upper Deck Pros & Prospects Football

It's May 19th and I can't believe it. Not only am I reviewing a new football set with rookie cards in it, but the rookie cards are SP quality and numbered to just 1000 per player.  This hobby is changing folks and if you aren't paying close attention then it seems to be different almost every week.  Upper Deck's brand new Pros & Prospects Football is a perfect example of how the card manufacturers are working hard to give the hobby what it wants.

2000 UD Pros & Prospects Danny Farmer Signature Piece 2 Autographed Jersey card
One Autographed Game Used Jersey Card in every
four boxes?  How great is that?!

Not only is Pros & Prospects loaded with nice, SP looking inserts, but with 50 very short printed rookie cards you can guess how quick pack prices are going up. Would you believe that the rookie cards are only half the fun?  Sure SP Authentic gives you an autograph in every box, but Pros & Prospects offers an autographed game worn jersey card in every four boxes!  That's right, now almost anyone has a shot at finding a Game Jersey card and each card has the signature of the player on it.  To make things even more fun, some of the jersey cards are numbered to the player's jersey number making them extra tough.  The retail price was supposed to be around $5 per pack, but most shops are already raising that so you should act quick.  Of the three or four early season football products this will certainly be the winner and it wouldn't surprise me to see Pros & Prospects on some lists later this season as product of the year.  

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