2000 Leaf Limited Football

Playoff has guaranteed us that 2000 Leaf Limited is truly limited by numbering all of the base cards in the set.  With 425 base cards broken down into 200 stars and 225 rookies it might take you awhile to figure out the system, but basically each card is numbered and the further into the set you go, the lower the cards are numbered.  The easiest commons are limited to 5000 while rookies start with 1500 and shrink down to just 350 per card before you get to the very special final 25 rookie cards.

2000 Leaf Limited Jamal Lewis Rookie Game Used Jersey Ball Laces Card
Wow!  Leaf Limited is the first set with memorabilia
rookie cards where the memorabilia was used in an
actual NFL game and this Jamal Lewis is a real beauty.

What makes the final 25 rookie cards special is that they all incorporate some type of game used memorabilia (jerseys, balls, laces) that were actually used in a real NFL game.  This makes Limited the first set to have true game used memorabilia rookie cards.  Other than that Playoff has created a pretty simple set.  Only one insert set (game used jersey cards called Markers that show up about once per box), and one parallel set (Limited Edition with cards numbered to either 35 for stars or 50 for rookies).  It would actually be the perfect set if it wasn't for the price.  Packs started off in the $10 range in my area and are going up quickly making it a tough one for many collectors.  Of course when you consider that the numbering guarantees how short the print run was, you can understand why it's going up fast.  For box buyers you'll find that a 12 pack box is going for close to $200 now and each box I've seen has had at least one memorabilia rookie and one Markers jersey card in addition to about 8 to 10 other rookie cards.

More details can be found on the Donruss website.  

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