2000 Donruss Football

Do you love redemption cards?  Filling out the little form and mailing it in.  Waiting patiently for months and months and then finally your beautiful card arrives. Of course in the meantime the player has been injured and the card holds no value, but at least you have it.  If this is what you enjoy about card collecting and you like football cards then I've got just the set for you, 2000 Donruss Football.

2000 Donruss Joe Montana Autograph Redemption card
It looks like there might be some nice cards
in Donruss Football, if you have the patience
to send in the redemption cards.

By now you realize I'm being sarcastic.  I hate redemption cards.  I keep finding expired ones in boxes that I've forgotten about not to mention in old packs.  How disappointing it is to open a pack of cards from 1999 and in place of a great autograph card you find an expired redemption card.  2000 Donruss Football is full of redemptions.  I watched quite a few boxes get opened in the past week and every single autograph card that was found was a redemption.  In my opinion it completely ruins the product.  If the manufacturer (in this case Playoff) cannot get the majority of their cards signed in time for release then they should either postpone the product or hold the autographs for a future product.  The product overall is not bad.  For some reason Playoff decided to release the hobby version in jumbo packs which sell for around $5 for 16 cards.  Almost every pack has either a numbered insert or a rookie card (#'d to 1325 in this product).  The cards have the typical Donruss look to them and the Gridiron Kings insert set is cool with painted pictures of rookies, stars, and Hall of Famers.  If not for the redemptions this would be a nice product for opening, but if you hate redemptions like I do then I'd suggest you save your money.

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