2000 Upper Deck Black Diamond Football

In a few weeks I will be trying not to say 'I told you so', but mark my words now, if you aren't already burned out on memorabilia cards, you will be.  As much fun as it is to open a pack of cards and find a Game Jersey card, if the odds get too easy and the prices drop too far then the excitement will stop.  Upper Deck, who brought us autographed rookie cards last year, is back this time with the first ever (well, at least first to hit the stores) Game Jersey rookie cards in 2000 UD Black Diamond Football.

2000 UD Black Diamond Ron Dayne Rookie Jersey card
One Game Jersey Rookie Card in every
box sounds nice, but is it just too much?

Each box will have a real rookie card with a piece of the player's jersey on it.  The idea sounds nice, but the ease of finding one of the 30 players is certainly going to mean that the values will not justify the cost of the packs and boxes.  In addition to the Jersey Gems there are a few parallel sets (including Gold Jersey Gems numbered to 100) and a few basic insert sets.  The only other chase will be for the Bart Starr Autographed Game Jersey Greats, part of Upper Deck's cross brand set of Hall of Famers and retired stars.  I believe that at $4-5 per pack this could be a fun product for a young collector to open as it gives you a great shot at a Game Jersey card, but with all of the loaded sets (one jersey card per pack, more graded card products, etc.) it's likely to get lost in the shuffle and end up on a bargain table at some year end shows.

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