2001 Fleer WWF Wrestlemania

I don't often review non-sports cards, but every once in awhile I get a box of something out of the sports arena so from now on I'll be adding these reviews to our QCR section.  To get things started we find Fleer entering the WWF ring to take on The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Wrestling cards have been around for years, but in the modern era of card manufacturing, if you get one of the big sportscards producers involved, you can be sure that they'll take it to the limit.

Fleer WWF Wrestlemania Trish Stratus Foreign Objects Skirt Card
This piece of Trish Stratus' red mini-skirt is just one of seven
memorabilia cards in Fleer WWF.  Also look for shirts, jeans,
and even a piece of a broken table.

While the 100 card set has all the flair and color you would expect from the WWF, it's the insert sets that everyone will be chasing.  In addition to one parallel set and three basic inserts, Fleer has made room for three wild chase sets.  Signature Moves Autographed is a partial parallel of one of the base inserts with limited (to 500) autographed cards of stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kurt Angle.  Foreign Objects takes the popular memorabilia card idea and let's it loose like only the WWF could do.  With pieces of shirts, jeans, skirts, and even broken tables, Fleer has really given you a piece of the action.  Finally, the most coveted inserts have got to be coming from the ladies.  Lip Service features nine of the WWF's top girls placing their lips on just 50 cards each.  Prices on the Lip Service cards are already in the hundreds on Ebay.  Overall this is a really nice set, and if you are a fan of the WWF then you won't go wrong picking some up.  The only complaint I had was that in a time when autographs and memorabilia cards are getting easier to find, Fleer didn't go with a one per box ratio (or better) so not everyone is going to go home happy.  Or maybe they'll just have to buy more.

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