2001 Topps Marvel Legends

Topps latest trip into the entertainment card world is for a partnership with Marvel Comics to produce the Marvel Legends set.  I've been collecting comic books off and on again for twenty years and while it was nice to see some of my favorites on cards, this is certainly not the best set of comic cards ever created.  That is with one huge exception.

Topps Marvel Legends Spiderman Custom Cover Sketch Card
How about finding a real piece of artwork by
Rick Leonardi (or one of many other Marvel
artists) right in your pack of cards?

If you plan on buying any Marvel Legends cards make sure you know that the box you are pulling your packs from was a hobby-only (Special Collector's Edition) box.  The base cards and basic inserts sets are nice, but not that exciting.  The artwork is great, but the cards lack that special feel that a bit of foil or something might have added.  None of that matters if you have a hobby box because Topps has inserted at least one "Custom Covers" sketch card in each box.  These cards are amazing.  They feature little signed sketches by some of the great Marvel artists of today and a few of yesterday as well.  I've looked at about 100 of these sketch cards online and in my local shop, and no two are exactly alike.  I've seen a few that were of the same picture, but there's always something different, making each card a one of a kind.  If this sounds cool to you then pick up a hobby box today, because they're selling quick and the sketch cards won't be in the retail product.

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