2000-01 Upper Deck Basketball

It may no longer be the norm, but it seems like not much changes with a few of the products we see year after year.  While many of the manufacturers are loading up their sets with specialty cards like memorabilia, autographs, and numbered rookie cards, Upper Deck has barely changed their base set in the past few years.  Of course they have done plenty with their other brands so maybe it's good to have a "classic" to fall back on in case the specialty card market collapses.

2000-01 Upper Deck Michael Jordan Suit Card
I think it might be time for Upper Deck to
jump off the Michael Jordan bandwagon.

One thing that has changed with Upper Deck Basketball in the past couple years is the number of jersey cards available.  It used to be a one in 2500 pack lucky pull to find one and now it seems like there's one in every three or four boxes.  Considering how many other products are coming out with one or more jerseys per box, it's almost nice to find a product where a jersey card still holds a little value.  That's not to say that I wouldn't like to see Upper Deck stop exploiting their contract with Michael Jordan.  When I pulled the Jordan business suit card I thought I might have to reconsider my pick for dumbest card of the year (you'll have to read my "Worst of" feature to find out who won).  Not only is the Jordan card not needed, but UD put one in each case so they only sell for about $50.  Overall I like 2000-01 UD Basketball.  The rookie cards are short-printed, but not numbered so you can actually pull six of them out of a box instead of one.  The inserts are too plentiful, but finding a nice jersey card will make up for it and at $3 per pack you can't do too bad.

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