2000-01 Topps Basketball

There is no doubt that since Michael Jordan retired the world of basketball cards has started to become boring.  It's not that there aren't any good players as Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant, and Shaq have proven, just that the excitement seems to be missing.  The new season is upon us and 2000-01 Topps Basketball gets in early as usual, and unfortunately without any new excitement.  Since it's too early to get excited about rookies we're forced to look in other directions.

2000-01 Topps Magic Johnson Reprint Autograph
This Magic Johnson card is one of seven that Topps reprinted
for 2000-01 Topps Basketball, and some of them, like this
one, have been autographed by the Laker star himself.

It's not that Topps is a bad product.  For $1.29 per pack I'm sure you can't go wrong, but this early in the season (since it's not even training camp time yet) I just don't feel prepared for basketball cards and neither is Topps.  Half of the short printed Draft Pick cards are redemptions, and I wish they just left those guys out instead of expecting us to spend 50 cents on a stamp and envelope just to see if Draft Pick #21 actually makes an NBA roster.  The inserts are typical of Topps base brand and this year we get game jersey cards in addition to the usual autographs.  Magic Johnson is the player being tributed this time with reprints of his original Topps cards.  For some reason they decided to make the reprints tough to find at over 400 packs to find one.  Magic also signed some which are even tougher to pull.  In all we've got a pretty typical start for Topps in the 2000-01 season with greater things to come, I'm sure.

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