2000-01 Hoops Hot Prospects Basketball

Remember Hoops Basketball?  Ninety-nine cents per pack with plain white cards, few inserts, and nothing special except some 1 in 720 pack autographs?  Things change.  This is not the Hoops I remember and I might leave it up to you as whether it's good or bad.  Fleer has popped on the extra title "Hot Prospects" and turned their former lowest level product into one of their most expensive.

2000-01 Hoops Hot Prospects Kenyon Martin Game Jersey Rookie Card
Limited and serial numbered to just 1000 cards,
this Kenyon Martin Game Jersey Rookie card opens
a whole new era for Fleer and the Hoops brand.

For anyone who hasn't been keeping up with the latest news from the manufacturers you might have thought that your local card dealer was crazy last week when he had his packs of 2000-01 Hoops priced at $6 per pack instead of the usual $1.  I'm sure he was quick to point out the little words Hot Prospects underneath Hoops and the fact that those two little words are costing us all about five bucks a pack.  Inside those packs we're no longer finding 10 or 12 of those thin little plain white cards, but instead 5 thick stock, completely foiled cards of mostly stars.  Of course that's not enough to make us want to take out a loan to buy a box, so Fleer has also included 25 of the top rookies in a serial numbered (to 1000), Game Jersey card subset called Future Swatch.  Also, they've taken their exclusive deal with Vince Carter and blown it wide open with tons of Game worn Carter insert cards and autographs.  I'm still not sure this was a great idea, but it is a nice set of cards with some great pulls possible in every box.  My only complaint might be the price.  I would rather see Fleer tone it down a bit and drop the price to around $4 per pack, but from what I've seen at the local shops it's selling easily for $6.

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