2000-01 Fleer Authority Basketball

The one graded card per pack idea is not working.  I hate to sound like a broken record, but every time one of these products come out with graded cards in the packs we run into the same problems.  This time Fleer joins in the fun and introduces a new idea, which in turn creates a whole new problem.  The product is called Fleer Authority and the gimmick is that each 20 pack box has four packs with one graded card and sixteen packs with five regular cards per pack.  It's causing dealers confusion on how to sell the packs, but that's not all.

2000-01 Fleer Authority Darius Miles BGS 9.5
Wow!  A BGS 9.5 Darius Mile rookie card
numbered to 1250... or is it?

In making the decision to try using graded cards Fleer ran into the problem of not wanting any low grades so they sent Beckett a load of cards all with the numbering "1 of 1250" on the back.  They are not serial numbered.  Beckett then returned the best 1250 and that's what we've got in the packs.  Fleer then included 650 more of each rookie card in the regular (ungraded) packs.  These cards are individually serial numbered.  This is creating hobby confusion.  Which one is the "real" Authority rookie card?  While the BGS 9.5's like the Darius Miles card above have been selling well, it's my opinion that the true rookie card is the numbered version from the ungraded side.  What would you pay more for?  A BGS 9.5 Miles with "1 of 1250" on the back or a Miles numbered 332/650 that has been sent to BGS and received a 9.5?  Beyond this obvious problem, the set is relatively nice with a jersey card in every box (ungraded), two graded rookies and two graded inserts in the four graded packs.  The ungraded side contains some numbered inserts as well as low numbered parallels.  I can honestly say that I enjoyed my sixteen ungraded packs more then the four graded cards.  The ungraded packs are supposed to be selling for $5 while the gradeds should sell for around $25, but most dealers are sticking with box sales at $180.

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