2000 Dominion WNBA Basketball

Ever since the debut of the WNBA four seasons ago one thing has been made clear by sportscard collectors.  Everyone wants women's basketball cards.  Last year Fleer did a great job with the women and they start off no slower in 2000 with the premier of Dominion WNBA.  By keeping a decent pack price and creating some nice looking cards, Fleer is sure to have a hit.

2000 Dominion WNBA Sue Wicks Autographics
The WNBA is back with more teams, more players and the
same great card collecting fun including Autographics.

Dominion is a nice size set with 156 cards (none of which are short printed).  The 22 Expansion Draft cards include some players never before seen on cardboard which should increase the interest.  Fleer also adds an easy parallel set (1 per 3 packs) and six insert sets.  The chase will be on for Autographics which are seeded one per 4 boxes and 500 WNBA Ticket Vouchers that are randomly inserted. The Ticket Voucher program is a great idea which gives fans a shot at picking up two premium seats to the WNBA game of their choice. Maybe that's an idea that will filter over to the men's sports as well.   Probably the best thing about Dominion is the price.  My local shop had packs for $1.49 and 36 pack boxes for $45 making this affordable for almost everyone.  If you haven't tried WNBA cards then Dominion is a perfect way to get started without spending a lot of money.

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