1999-2000 Skybox Apex Basketball

Skybox gets the new year rolling with a brand new product, Apex Basketball.  For the most part Apex is to me what I would like to see in Metal Universe. In the past couple years Metal Universe has been too much metal for me.  Apex takes the metal look and just applies it to the edges of the cards.  A nice look with some good photography makes this a potential winner.

99-00 Skybox Apex Xtra Lamar Odom
Only 50 of each Xtra parallel were made so this Lamar Odom
rookie would be a nice addition to your collection.

Apex consists of 163 cards, 150 base and 13 short printed rookies (1 in 13 packs).  The rookies are different from the rest as they have a gold foil border.  There are two parallels (#'d to 50 and 1) plus nine inserts including Autographics and Net Shredders which have a piece of game-used basketball net on them.  With packs selling for around $3 for 8 cards this would make a nice replacement product for Metal Universe, but as far as I can tell this is just one more product to add to the Fleer/Skybox family.

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