1999 Topps Traded Chrome Baseball

Quick note to Topps:  It's the year 2000!  The new millennium.  2000 Topps Baseball has been out there for months and now we get 1999 Topps Traded Chrome?  The rumors were really running rampant before this release.  Were there going to be Chrome autographs (to match the autographs in the regular version of Topps Traded)?  Was Topps going to expand the set and include hot pitching prospect Rick Ankiel?  The sets are out so here are some answers.

1999 Topps Traded Chrome Josh Hamilton
Everyone would like to get this Josh Hamilton chrome rookie card,
but you'll have to open a complete 121 card set to get it.

This is truly a beautiful set. Over half of the 121 cards are rookies and young stars like Josh Hamilton and Sean Burroughs will keep the set price high as people try to decide whether to keep their boxes sealed or open them and enjoy the singles.  There is no Rick Ankiel card and autographs were not included (so we go zero for two with rumors).  While the potential for this set is almost unlimited, the problem is that you've got to be willing to spend the money up front.  I haven't seen it available for less than $100.  If you have the money, are a fan of Chrome, and love rookies then you should pick up a set today before a few of these future stars turn into current super stars.

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