2001 Upper Deck Vintage Baseball

Upper Deck, the company that brought us thin stock cards and glossy finishes, has taken a trip back to a time before they were ever in business.  In an effort to compete with Topps Heritage and Fleer Tradition UD has released Vintage Baseball.  As with these other brands the big chase is on for some cool new memorabilia cards of retired superstars and Hall of Famers.

2001 Upper Deck Vintage 1971 Pirates Timeless Teams Bat card
A dream card for a Pirates collector with game used
bat cards of four of their greats from the 1971 team.

The base set is pretty simple (with a design like 1963 Topps) and most of the inserts relatively plain, the true hunt in UD Vintage is for the Timeless Teams bat cards and other special memorabilia inserts.  The fantasy outfield card has jersey swatches of Mickey Mantle, Joe Dimaggio, and Ken Griffey Jr. while some of the other greats you can find include Roger Maris, Roberto Clemente, and Jackie Robinson.  10 card packs of Vintage are selling for about $3 and if you're buying boxes you should look for the hobby boxes which also come with a special Mantle/DiMaggio pack that has either bonus cards from a special set or a memorabilia card.  In all it's a nice product and a good one to compare to Topps Heritage and Fleer Tradition.  

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