2001 Topps Series Two Baseball

With their 50th Anniversary already well underway, Topps didn't waste any time getting the second series of their base product on the market.  While not as surprising as series one, Topps has done a great job of putting the rookies on their first piece of cardboard, just a few weeks into the season.  They've also managed to bring back some fond memories for collectors who've been doing this for fifty years as well as those who only remember back to the late 80's.

2001 Topps Series 2 Bo Jackson / Deion Sanders Two of a Kind Dual Game Bat Card
Just in time for Deion's return to the big leagues, Topps
has put him together with the other big two sport
phenom, Bo Jackson, on a super rare bat card.

Topps has done a good job of continuing what they started in series one with more great Golden Anniversary Autograph cards, Topps Originals Jersey cards, and King of Kings Jersey cards.  New for series two are the Base Hit Game Used Base cards which have been signed by the managers of the team from where the base came.  Also new is the Two of a Kind dual game bat card of Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders which is released just in time for Deion's latest comeback with the Reds.  Once we get all of the inserts out of the way we find that series two is loaded with rookie cards of many of last year's top draft picks as well as the first Topps rookies of Japanese sensations Ichiro Suzuki and Tsuyoshi Shinjo.  While series one got everyone buying to find the inserts, series two might even be better with all of the rookies.  

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