2001 Fleer Tradition Baseball

Fleer Tradition has been keeping collectors in touch with their roots for the past few years with old style cards made of real cardboard without the heavy foiling or other gimmicks of modern cards.  2001 Tradition is not much different except that Fleer has recognized that they have some competition so they've pumped the set up with one of the nicest insert sets of the year.

2001 Fleer Tradition Jackie Robinson Stitches inTime Game Used Negro Leagues Jersey card
With all of the memorabilia cards found in
packs these days, it's about time to pay some
respect to the great Negro Leagues players!

The Stitches In Time insert set has three levels with 25 base level inserts, 10 autographs, and 5 jersey cards of many of the best players from the Negro Leagues.   Most of these guys went on to have a career in the Major Leagues, but seeing them in their original uniforms and reading the history on the back of the cards is enough to sell me on this set.  Beyond that 2001 Fleer Tradition reminds me a lot of the Topps Big sets from a decade ago or so.  Other inserts include some dual game jersey cards and the usual assortment of subsets.  Packs are selling well for around $2 and they hype of Topps Heritage and Upper Deck Vintage is passing on to this less expensive Fleer product.  

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