2001 Fleer Greats of the Game Baseball

Last year Fleer stunned the hobby with Greats of the Game baseball featuring Yankee Clippings jersey cards of Mickey Mantle and other Yankee legends so it's no surprise that the 2001 version of Greats is one of the hottest releases so far this year.  While it was unlikely that they would be able to match the hype that surrounded 2000 Greats, Fleer has done a good job of keeping collectors happy, especially Dodgers fans.

2001 Fleer Greats of the Game Game Used Bat card
Fleer has a real knack at making classy looking inserts
and this black and white Babe Ruth card with a
piece of his bat is no exception.

Replacing the Yankee Clippings are Dodger Blues a set of game used (jerseys and bats) cards going back to the Brooklyn Dodgers and working west to LA.  Not to leave out the fans of other sets you'll find Feel the Game Classics with bat and jersey cards of other Hall of Famers and superstars from other teams.  Of course the real search is always for the autograph cards and once again Fleer has put about three of them in each box.  No word on the short prints yet, but you can be sure they've thrown us a few hot ones.  Packs were supposed to be around $5 which would make for $120 boxes, but this weekend I had trouble finding any under $200.  

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