2001 Fleer E-X Baseball

Normally I don't compare products from manufacturer to manufacturer, but this week it's almost impossible not to look at Fleer E-X and Topps Finest and do a comparison.  You might want to read our 2001 Finest review once you're done with this one.  I'm not saying that E-X is my favorite baseball product of the year, but Fleer has certainly made an effort to make E-X fun to open even for a $5 per pack product.  If Topps is paying attention, this is the way to keep people coming back.

2001 Fleer E-X Ichiro Suzuki Rookie Card
No need for redemption cards this time as Fleer
was ready with Ichiro for their E-X brand.

There's no doubt that Fleer has been putting out too many products this season, but E-X will not be on my year end list of overkill.  It's almost like they've been paying attention to reviews and decided to see what would happen if they made a set that had just what collectors were looking for.  Each hobby box has at least two game used or autograph cards and no other inserts.  It's not that I don't like inserts, but these days no one wants an insert unless it has an autograph or some memorabilia on it.  The Wall of Fame inserts are particularly interesting as they each have a piece of the outfield wall (padding) from a Major League ballpark, plus they are game-dated to a big game in the career of the pictured player.  One problem that Fleer has is that they can't make rookie cards of minor league players without signing the player (like Drew Henson).  This limits the number of actual rookie cards they can make, but they've done a great job by making some of their prospect cards autographed, and by getting Ichiro Suzuki into the set, something Finest was unable to do.  If you're looking to try a premium priced pack this week then I'd suggest you go with E-X.  

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