2000 Pacific Revolution Baseball

Pacific joined the autograph and game used card fad a bit later then most companies, but that's not keeping them from quickly getting to the cutting edge of the technology.   Almost every Pacific product has either autographs or game used memorabilia cards in it, and now they've managed to combine them in a unique way for Revolution Baseball.

2000 Pacific Revolution Shane Reynolds Gameball Signature
In one of the coolest ideas of 2000 this
Shane Reynolds Gameball Signature card features
his autograph on a piece of a real game-used baseball!

For MLB Gameball Signatures Pacific has taken real gameballs and gotten the players to sign the sweet spot.  They then cut out the autograph and insert it into the card.   Other manufacturers have done cards with autographs and game used memorabilia, but this is something completely original.  In addition to the autographs we find some other nice inserts in Revolution including the Foul Pole Net Fusions which use netting to simulate the foul pole screens.  As always there are a slew of numbered parallel cards and parallel inserts, but it might be the Gameball Signatures alone that make it worth the $3.99 per pack retail price.  

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