2000 UD Pros & Prospects Baseball

As each new release tries to outperform its predecessor with cooler inserts and more reasons to open packs we realize that there is almost no need for basic insert sets anymore.  I realized while opening a box of Upper Deck's new Pros & Prospects Baseball that we've reached that point.  Usually when opening a box I'll pull the inserts out of the packs to be put aside for plastic preservation.  Instead I found myself not even realizing that some of the cards were inserts.

2000 UD Pros & Prospects Alex Rodriguez Autographed Game Jersey Card
Just as with Pros & Prospects Football,
every Game Jersey card is autographed and
some are numbered to the players jersey number

That's not to say that Pros & Prospects isn't a fun product to open, just that the easy odds and similar styling to the base cards makes some of the inserts blend right in with the rest of the pack.  The cards have an SP look to them with bright white borders that easily chip (for anyone thinking about grading).  There is a short printed, numbered subset of young stars (although most of them already have rookie cards before 2000) as well as a numbered subset of big name stars.  In the end it's the Autographed Game Jersey Cards that have people breaking open the boxes.  At odds of one per four boxes it's a great opportunity to get a jersey card and autograph of your favorite player.  Packs are selling well in my area for $5-6.  

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