2000 Fleer Tradition Baseball

It might be a bit early to give away the set of the year award, but it's going to be an uphill battle for every other baseball product that comes out in 2000 now that Fleer Tradition has arrived.  Fleer has taken their most basic set and turned it into something really special.  With a thick cardboard stock and an aged looking white color for the borders these cards will have old time collectors running to their local card shop buying packs and boxes.  And, hopefully they'll bring some young collectors with them to show them what baseball cards used to be like.

2000 Fleer Tradition Cleveland Indians Team Card
Fleer is bringing back team cards, league leaders, old style
thick cardboard, and most importantly, LOW PRICES!

Fleer starts by making this a big, single series set of 450 base cards. Then they fill those 450 cards with great players, young stars, and even some lesser known guys who collectors always enjoy seeing in sets.  To make things better they've brought back team cards, league leaders, award winners, and a look and feel that make you think it's 1960 instead of 2000.  Of course, just to bring you back to reality (and keep the young collectors and investors interested) there are nine insert sets including Fresh Ink autograph cards and Club 3000 memorabilia cards.  Maybe the most amazing thing is the price.  Fleer has dropped the price down to around $1.59 per pack!  Let's just hope that this one's a big success and starts a great new trend.

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