2000 Finest Series 2 Baseball

I don't often write reviews of a second series unless there is something unique to distinguish it from the first series.  Finest, in my opinion, seems like a set that has been passed over by all of the various high dollar sets we see almost every week.   Therefore, it's not surprising that changes are being made to the brand.  The only surprising thing is that some of these changes are happening between two series of the same set, 2000 Finest Baseball.

2000 Finest Series 2 Chipper Jones Autograph
This Chipper Jones Autograph card is an example of where
Topps is improving the Finest brand, but is it enough?

Topps has really done some confounding things with Finest Series 2.  Realizing that they were falling behind the times, they added a small set of autographed cards.   The cards are nice although they are at such tough odds that it's not nearly as much fun opening packs as most Fleer products have become.  Further to the downside, they've changed the numbering scheme of their short printed rookies in the middle of a set.  The first series saw rookies numbered to 2000 with refractors limited to 500, while series two has increased production to 3000 of each rookie and 1000 of each refractor.  Why?  Sure it makes them a bit easier to find, but now their difficult to value next to their first series counterparts.  In all I find it tough to give Finest 2 a good review.  At $5 per pack we need more than a few impossible to find autograph cards.  I've been watching the rookie card prices online and I believe buying the singles is a much better investment then buying packs or boxes of Finest Series 2.  

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