2000 E-X Baseball

I hate to sound ungrateful when I review cards.  Prior to any review I usually open at least one complete box of the product and I also like to watch other boxes being opened.  The reason is that with the price of boxes these days I need to see what the potential return on a box is before I can feel good about telling people to buy some.  With E-X Baseball it's probably good that I didn't just go on my first box impression as it had an Essential Credentials parallel of Todd Helton numbered 01/01.

2000 E-X Todd Helton Essential Credentials 01/012000 E-X Todd Helton Essential Credentials 01/01
Todd Helton is red hot this season so his 1 of 1 Essential
Credentials is a major find in an otherwise average product.

E-X is a great looking product.  When the basketball product came out last month I thought the same thing, but the basketball had something else going for it, rookies.  With E-X Baseball we get a subset of numbered prospects, but they aren't rookies, mostly second year players as Topps had already got them on cardboard in 1999.  The inserts are nice to look at in E-X, but they probably won't hold much value.  This leaves us with Essential Credentials, Autographics, and Genuine Coverage Game Jersey cards.  The Essential Credentials parallels are tough to find with stars limited to 61 and prospects to 31 total per player.  While Fleer has put autographs in at one per box, the list is full of minor stars and unknowns (including some that don't even have a base card in the E-X set).  The jersey cards are nice and include stars like Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter with good odds of one per five boxes.  In all this is an extremely attractive product, but without many good value cards you might be better looking to buy singles of your favorites then gambling $4 on a three card pack.  

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