2000 Pacific Aurora Baseball

I'd like to give a good review to the new Aurora as it has a number of positive points, but as I've become very sensitive to product pricing it is tough not to point out the high pack price.  The cards are absolutely beautiful with their horizontal design and sharp photography.  Add in the first ever card of Ken Griffey Jr. in a Cincinnati Reds uniform and you have the basics of a winner.

2000 Pacific Aurora Ken Griffey Jr. Reds Card
Usually a change of team is no big deal, but
not when you're talking about Ken Griffey Jr.!

Pacific has added a few nice inserts and the usual parallels including the Premiere Date which are hobby only and numbered to just 52. The Griffey card that everyone is chasing is actually one of three cards with the same number, two in his Mariners uniform (one blue background and the other pinstripes) and the Reds card shown above.  There has been talk that the Reds card is short printed, and maybe it is, but I found two in about 45 packs, while finding two of the Mariners blue card and no pinstripe cards.  While this is a nice looking set, packs are selling for around $3.59 and with 36 packs in a box, they were running over $100.  In my opinion that's too much for a mid level set with no autographs or game worn cards.  But, if you're a Griffey fan then this is the card to get.  

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