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12/29/99 -Best of 1999: It's time for our look at the best sportscards of 1999.  Who will be manufacturer of the year?

11/29/99 -The SP Authentic Mystique: Why is it that a rookie card numbered to 1999 is worth 7 times one numbered to 2999?

10/13/99 -Wilt - A Cardboard Memorial: While he might not have as many cards as most modern players, Wilt Chamberlain will be missed by our hobby.

09/25/99 -Cutting It Up: Upper Deck made the Game Jersey craze happen, now Leaf Certified makes them easy to find.

08/20/99 -News from the National part 2: Atlanta part two is all about autographs. Who signed, which ones were free and which one cost $350!

07/31/99 -News from the National part 1: We're back from Atlanta with a full recap of everything we saw and heard. Part one features ProductFest and the Beckett Auction.

07/20/99 -Playoff "Scores" with familiar brands: Score and Donruss Football are back, but this time they're being made by Playoff.

06/21/99 -SportsFest '99 Philly: Krause threw its annual festival in Philadelphia and we've got the latest news about the show as well as some great new products that are coming soon.

06/04/99 -The $20 Gamble: First it was Fleer/SI "Greats of the Game", now it's SP Signature Edition. Is $20 too much for one pack?

05/12/99 -New Kids on the Block: This week we take a quick look at three new manufacturers and ask if there's enough collectors to support SA-GE, Just Minors, and In The Game.

04/21/99 -Grading the Graders - PSA: In part two of our look at sportscard grading and authentication we take a look at the industry leader, PSA.

03/31/99 -Grading the Graders - SGC: Part one of a three parter where we take a look at the companies grading our cards. This week's focus is Sportscard Guarantee, L.L.C.

03/08/99 -NCAA Basketball Contest: Are you ready for some hoops? The NCAA tournament starts this week and you can win some hot cards if you can predict the future!

02/28/99 -Forgive or Forget?: The NBA is back and so are basketball cards, but are the fans and collectors ready to forgive the players and teams?

01/13/99 -Three Million Dollars!?: Mark McGwire's record 70th home run ball brings in an unheard of price in this week's auction by Guernsey's and Ebay.

01/03/99 -Diamond Ink Winners Announced: Nine months later we have 59 winners of autographed baseballs and basketballs.


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