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11/15/98 -From Babe to Lunch Boxes: Upper Deck brings us two new baseball sets with Babe Ruth autograph cards and lunch boxes. Start up the time machine!

10/26/98 -Football Frenzy page 2: A look at thirteen 1998 football products and the rookies that keep us buying packs and boxes continues.

10/15/98 -Football Frenzy: A look at thirteen 1998 football products and the rookies that keep us buying packs and boxes.

09/06/98 -What would you do with "62"?: McGwire or Sosa, but one thing's for sure, someone's going to break Roger Maris' record of 61 home runs this season. For collectors the question is what happens to the ball?

08/23/98 -State of our Hobby part 2: From Beckett to Beanies and Ebay to PSA, our hobby is changing fast, but I'm confident we'll weather the storm and look forward to the millenium. Part two of two!

08/10/98 -State of our Hobby: As the news of Pinnacle Brands' bankruptcy hit us last month it's time to take a step back and look at our hobby. Part one of two!

07/12/98 -Football in July?: With some hot rookie QB's and a work stoppage in the NBA, look for football cards to be BIG this year.

06/22/98 -Finally Finite!: Which of the following doesn't belong: Upper Deck, limited, numbered base cards, finite? If you said Upper Deck then you'd be wrong!

06/09/98 -More from SportsFest '98: In part two I look at how the show went for dealers, autograph collectors, and kids. Plus an interview with NFL Hall of Famer Ron Mix!

06/03/98 -SportsFest '98: It was a big weekend for sportscard collectors in Philadelphia as SportsFest '98 took over the Convention Center. Here's part one of our two-part look at one of the biggest shows of the year.

05/22/98 -Slam Dunk!: Topps and Skybox are battling it out this week while we watch the NBA playoffs. Will Chrome or E-X 2001 have what it takes to get to the hole for a monster slam?

05/11/98 -Hot Hockey Hits: Cards made to be ripped? Stamps and postcards? Add these new ideas to favorites like autographs and you come up with six hot new hockey sets that debuted in the past couple weeks.

04/30/98 -Catching a Wave: It's a good week for surfing and I've got three great sites for you to check out so grab your mouse and let's go!

04/19/98 -These Ladies Can Play: The hottest names in basketball cards might not be Michael and Kobe right now. Watch out for Lisa and Rebecca.

04/12/98 -Revised Guide to Buying and Selling Online: Still my most popular question, I've updated the guide to help you deal safely online.

03/29/98 -The Beanie Baby Wars: I had no idea how some card dealers felt about Beanie Babies until I stopped at a couple shows this weekend.

03/22/98 -A Question of Ethics: Beckett is offering a handy new transaction service to buyers and sellers, but besides being very expensive, is it also unethical?

03/15/98 -Price is Right: It's no game show trying to figure out the price of your hot new card before the guide comes out, but I'll give you some hints to help predict the future.

03/05/98 -Subtle Gimmicks: As we tire of the same old thing, card manufacturers find some new ways to keep us buying their products including unannounced inserts and short printed subsets.

02/25/98 -Is Bowman's really Best?: The hottest product on the planet this week is Bowman's Best Basketball, but does it live up to all the hype? Find out here.

02/16/98 -Once, Twice, Sold: Auctions sites are hot and this week we'll take a look at the best ones on the web for buying and selling sportscards.

02/07/98 -Jammin' with Fleer: Fleer hooks up with the NBA to make this year's All-Star Jam Session the biggest and best ever. If you couldn't get to the Big Apple this weekend then I've got you covered.

01/31/98 -EPIX: Four sports, 82 players, and soon to be over 800 different cards make this one of the hottest inserts sets in the hobby.

01/21/98 -So Much Going On: Chrome Basketball, Leaf Hockey, Pinnacle Baseball, Press Pass Racing, and the Super Bowl! A busy week indeed.

01/14/98 -An Open Letter to Beckett: First it was a new look, then less prices, now complete inconsistency. I just want my old Beckett back.

01/07/98 -So Much Ink: It seems like autographs are in every new product and the past few weeks have shown little exception. Let's see who's signing this week.


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