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12/29/97 -The Worst of '97: Watch out because this could get ugly. There were some real bombs in 1997 and this week I won't hold back!

12/21/97 -The Best of '97: Here are my picks for the top sets and inserts of 1997.   I'm sticking with them, but I'd like to hear your opinions.

12/12/97 -Finer Finest: Good reasons to grab some 97-98 Finest Basketball today before it's sold out.

11/29/97 -Great Gridiron: A quick look at two premium NFL releases, Flair Showcase and Pinnacle Inscriptions.

11/22/97 -Getting Started (part 2): In part 2 we start looking at what to buy, where to find it and how to keep it all in mint condition.

11/14/97 -Getting Started (part 1): Need help starting your sportscard collection? Here's the begining of a multi-part guide on how to get started without going broke!

11/06/97 -Missing in Action: I'm finding it harder and harder to locate every new set that comes out these days. What's causing dealers to hold off on buying every new product?

10/30/97 -Take a Look Back: A look at 75-76 Topps Basketball and some thoughts on what's wrong with the direction our hobby is heading.

10/23/97 -Let's Talk Cards: An introduction to our sportscards chat room, as well as two new product reviews of Totally Certified Baseball and Pacific Invincible Hockey.

10/14/97 -"Hidden" Treasure: Don't miss this interview with Tony Loiacono, president of Hidden Authentics and Certified Authentics, as he discusses his companies and the future of the autographed memorabilia hobby!

10/07/97 -A Parallel World: It seems with each release we get more parallel sets. Will it ever end? How about cutting back a bit?

09/29/97 -Old Sites, New Looks: Some cool changes have been going on at the Upper Deck, Tuff Stuff, and Beckett web sites this month so let's take a closer look.

09/21/97 -Red Hot Ice: Pacific makes a strong debut in hockey cards with Crown Collection and it might just make you forget Topps and Fleer are no longer on the ice.

09/14/97 -Andy, Where can I sell my cards online? (Part 2): In part 2 we take a look at a couple more free places to advertise your cards as well as a couple you have to pay for.

09/07/97 -Andy, Where can I sell my cards online? (Part 1): This is my most asked question from your email and so I've started a two-part series on helping you find homes for all those extras.

08/30/97 -From Pigskin to Rattlesnake: The hype over game used inserts is reaching a peak with helmets, footballs, and jerseys being cut up to make your favorite cards, but how does snakeskin fit in?

08/21/97 -What'cha Get?: With so many new products finally arriving this week I decided to break a box of each and see what I got. Here's my (very unscientific) per box statistics.

08/14/97 -The Tins are In: UPS Strike or not, Donruss got 97 Preferred Baseball out to most of its dealers this week and the early word is that it's hot! Collectors are looking for the singles, inserts, and especially the tins they come in!

08/10/97 -The National Diary Day 4:
08/09/97 -The National Diary Day 3:
08/08/97 -The National Diary Day 2:
08/07/97 -The National Diary Day 1: A four part report live from The 18th National Sportscards Convention in Cleveland.

07/27/97 -Price Guides: A look at Beckett and Tuff Stuff both online and off. A great start to getting the most from these two major price guides!

07/20/97 -Are You Ready For Some Football?: As we prepare for the first preseason football games your guide takes a look at all the early football sets that have hit the market this month.

07/13/97 -Hideki Hype!: He's causing quite a stir in New York and on the baseball card scene, but did you know Irabu has been on cardboard for over 7 years?

07/06/97 -Betting on Van Horn: The New Jersey Nets have put their money on Keith Van Horn, but now it's time to see if basketball card collectors agree.

06/29/97 -BOWMAN: Every year since 92 this has been the baseball card set of choice for rookie card collectors. Let's see how 1997 Bowman stacks up.

06/22/97 -Winners and Losers: We look at winners and losers in recent card sets, future card sets, and players, plus the first winner of our weekly Hot List contest!

06/15/97 -The Card Collector in me was Rooting for Utah: Could a little thing like a Jazz Super Team card make me stop rooting for Michael and his Bulls?

06/08/97 -Wings, Cups, Coins, and Autographs: As the Detroit Red Wings lift up the Stanley Cup we take a look at a couple new hockey sets, Be A Player and Pinnacle Mint.

06/01/97 -What's Hot!: The start of a new monthly feature on what cards, sets, and players are hot. I've got you started and now it's up to you to tell me where I'm wrong!

05/24/97 -Have you ever been to the National?: It's not too early to start planning your trip to Cleveland this August. If you've never been to the National and you're in the area, you shouldn't miss it.

05/16/97 -Ranting and "Rave"ing!: Fleer Circa Baseball hits the shelves with a low suggested retail price, but finding it for $1.49 won't be easy.

05/08/97 -May is a good time for the NBA Playoffs and basketball cards!: A look at three hot new premium basketball sets: Flair Showcase, Bowman's Best, and Upper Deck UD3.

04/29/97 -Limited, Limited, Limited!!: Less than 30 sets, only 50 of each card, 100 individually numbered cards! Have the card companies gone too far with limited parallels and inserts?

04/20/97 -Making a Debut Isn't Always Easy: When Jackie Robinson took the field 50 years ago he knew the importance of that first game. Now as Major League Baseball celebrates his debut, the hobby is taking another look at his cards.

04/13/97 -Does Anyone Have any Tiger Woods Rookie Cards?: As Tiger ran away with The Masters this weekend, do you think the hobby is ready for golf cards?

04/06/97 -A Guide to Buying and Selling Sportscards Online.: It's not as scary as you think to get online and start buying, selling, and trading sportscards. Thousands of people just like you are doing it every day.

03/30/97 -For $5 per pack I think Topps can do better than this!: Is it too much to expect a well centered card in a premium product? My thoughts after opening a box of Finest Basketball where 142 of the 144 cards were cut 70/30.

03/23/97 -Don't Tell the Fans...: Sure the games don't count for anything, but where else can you see major league stars playing with such a minor league feel?

03/16/97 -Never Forget Why You Started Collecting: You're not always going to like every box (or pack) you open, but if you keep one special card (or set) around to remind you why you started collecting in the first place then you'll always have something to cheer you up after a disappointing purchase.

03/09/97 -Cross Your Fingers and Open the Pack.: Is our hobby becoming a lottery?

03/02/97 -March Madness!: No, not the tournament, but the ritual that card collectors go through every year deciding which NBA rookie's cards to invest in. Who will be this year's Kevin Garnett?

02/23/97 -Thanks, But I'll take the Goudey.: Football season is over, but the cards keep coming. And this week you can chose from old style beauty (Fleer Goudey) or flash and glitz (Upper Deck SPx). Which do you prefer? Let me tell you what I think.

02/16/97 -"Gentlemen, Start your Engines!": Just a few years ago, today would have been a basic February sports day for me, Searching the tube for a good basketball game. Not anymore. Today is Super Sunday and there's millions of fans all over the world who agree!

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