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12/31/00 -The Best of 2000: A look at some of the products, companies, and people who made 2000 another great year for sportscard collecting.

12/20/00 -Zero Zero Zero: There's good and bad in our hobby every year and this week we're taking a look at the downside including special award just for the year 2 0 0 0!

11/28/00 -50 Years of Topps: With a huge new set Topps is celebrating their 50th Anniversary in a grand way and at a very nice price.

11/16/00 -Stop The Madness: Edge got us all talking back in June with Graded and now it's Playoff's turn to help wreck our hobby with $20 graded cards packs for their new Donruss Preferred QBC.

10/31/00 -A Collector's Wishlist: The holiday season is not too far away and while I might be a last minute shopper, I realize you're probably not.  Here are some great ideas to get you started shopping for your favorite collector.

10/17/00 -Jumping into thePit: A new era in sportscard investing is upon us as we watch with amazement the opening of  Everything you need to know is right here including an interview with their CEO Marc Lore.

10/05/00 -Tiger to the Rescue: With no more Jordan, Gretzky, Marino, or Elway our hobby needs a new hero.  Could it be that Tiger Woods is the one to rescue us from sportscards boredom?

09/22/00 -Olympics - A Card History: Olympians have been the subject of all sorts of sportscards over the years and this week in honor of the Sydney Games we're taking a look back at various Olympic cards from 1925 to the present.

09/12/00 -Don't Step on the Blue Chips: My mailbox is overflowing with complaints about Shop At Home so I figured it was time I tuned in to see exactly what is a Blue Chip.

08/31/00 -More Than Just Hockey: Did you know that they collect baseball, basketball, and even some football cards in Canada?  If that's any surprise then you don't want to miss our review of Canadian Sports Collector magazine.

08/21/00 -Beckett Collector Connection: Is it worth $20 to own a complete copy of Beckett's four major price guides in database format?  When you consider all of the cool extras you get this could be the hobby deal of the century.

08/11/00 -Stunning Insert or Hobby Sacrilege: We've seen Upper Deck cut up one of Babe Ruth's bats and Joe DiMaggio's jerseys.  Fleer cut up Mickey Mantle's jersey.  Now Be A Player is challenging our hobbies principals by slicing up the only known goalie pads of Georges Vezina.

07/30/00 -Pieces of X: The Non-sports card hobby follows the athletes with memorabilia cards and autographs for the new X-Men movie, Star Trek, and Farscape.

07/17/00 -$1.265 Million: The famous Gretzky-McNall PSA 8 Honus Wagner T206 card has sold again and this time the result is unbelievable.  Can one little piece of rare cardboard really be worth more this much?

07/10/00 -The New All Stars: With 26 first timers, this year's All Star Game is loaded with many of the hot young stars whose cards you've been holding onto through the 90's. Is this the beginning of something new?

06/29/00 -Edge Graded "F": Is this the beginning of the end for sportscards?  I hope not, but we sure don't need to spend $25 per pack for this bomb.

06/18/00 -The NASCAR Phenomenon: What other sport brings 133,000 people together and then encourages their stars to step out and meet the fans?

06/07/00 -Pacific Suits Up: Just when you thought you'd never see it, Pacific enters the game used memorabilia and autograph card market in a big way.

05/30/00 -Grading the Graders - USA: In part four we have decided to start looking at some of the lesser known grading services.  Is there any hope for graders outside the big three?  USA thinks there is. 

05/23/00 -Grading the Graders - Beckett: Part three of the series has us looking at the new kid on the block to see just how Beckett stacks up to PSA and SGC. 

04/26/00 -Greg Maddux vs Pokemon: Wizards of the Coast has a license from Major League Baseball and their taking their card games to the pros.  Will MLB Showdown be as big a success as Pokemon? 

03/30/00 -Yankee Clippings: Fleer proves you don't have to be a Yankee fan to appreciate a jersey card of one of the Greats of the Game. 

03/12/00 -Does March Madness Matter?: Richard Hamilton was the MVP in the 1999 NCAA Tournament, but has it lead to hobby popularity?

02/29/00 -Skid Marks: Why has NASCAR card trading suddenly been yellow flagged by collectors?

02/08/00 -Slam Dunk: The Slam Dunk contest is back and so is Fleer's Jam Session.  A look at this week's NBA All-Star festivities in Oakland.

01/24/00 -Super Balls: How do you know that autographed Kurt Warner Super Bowl XXXIV football really came from the big game?

01/17/00 -Inkin' The Rookies: Is it still a rookie card if it comes autographed?  Playoff and Upper Deck challenge the rules.


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