Dale Earnhardt
Tribute to a Legend
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February 26, 2001

The entire sports world and NASCAR racing fans in particular were shocked last week by the death of legendary driver Dale Earnhardt as a result of injuries he received in a final lap crash at the Daytona 500.  For those of you who don't follow NASCAR, the Daytona 500 is the Super Bowl of the stock car racing season, and while losing an athlete is always a bad thing, losing the sports biggest star on what is supposed to be their brightest day is devastating.

I'll miss Dale Earnhardt.  I've been following NASCAR for nearly a decade now, and while I root weekly for my driver, Jeff Gordon, to win, I also used to root just as hard for Earnhardt to lose.  You see in racing it is always great to be able to cheer for your favorites, but you also needed a villain.  Not that everyone thought Dale was a villain.  My wife loved him and has been collecting his cards since before I met her.  So, for Martha and all of the other Dale Earnhardt fans, here is a tribute to the Intimidator with some of his coolest cards and greatest accomplishments.


1995 Classic 5 Sport Dale Earnhardt Autograph Card
1995 Classic 5 Sport Autograph Card

1975 World 600


First Winston Cup


22nd Place

1979 Bristol

Motor Speedway

First Winston Cup


Rookie of the Year

1996 Press Pass VIP Dale Earnhardt Race Worn Firesuit Card
1996 Press Pass VIP Race Worn Firesuit Card

1997 Press Pass Burning Rubber Dale Earnhardt Race Used Tire Card
1997 Press Pass Burning Rubber Tire Card


1986 1987

1990 1991

1993 1994

7 Winston Cups

1998 Daytona 500




1998 Press Pass Stealth Dale Earnhardt Race Worn Glove Card
1998 Press Pass Stealth Race Worn Glove Card

1997 Wheels Viper Dale Earnhardt Authentic Rattlesnake Card
1997 Wheels Viper Authentic Rattlesnake Card

Dale Earnhardt

1951- 2001

A Champion



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